Becky Robinson-Leviton

Becky has been obsessed with movement since the age of 2 when her mother had to enroll her in gymnastics because she kept trying to do flips off of the end of the couch. By the time she found dance at the age of 4, Becky was smitten. Since then, it has been a 20+ year love affair that has waxed, waned, expanded, and contracted every muscle, mental state, and emotion in her being. Also in line with her movement obsession, Becky has studied acrobatics, rock climbing, contact improvisation, yoga, acro yoga, physical theater, and aerial dance. Graduating with a BA in Dance from CSULB, Becky is an emerging dancer and choreographer in the SF Bay Area community and has performed with some wonderful local dance and theater companies thus far. These include Kinetech Arts, WePlayers, Twisted Oak Dance Theater, 13th Floor Dance Theater, and De Huma with Lili Weckler. In December 2015, she also had the pleasure of choreographing for the Resident Artist Workshop at SAFEhouse Arts.

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