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Virtual Pathways Dance Festival 2020 will be a four day-long virtual dance festival produced by Alyssandra Katherine Dance, Co-Presented by ODC Theater online. The performances will be live-streamed in real time September 10th-13th, 2020. The roster will feature works spanning genres, highlighting the breadth and diversity of dance styles in a new digital format. 

Alyssandra Katherine Dance's mission is to bring visibility to dance companies and dance producers nationally, giving chosen companies an opportunity to showcase work to new audiences and widen their reach at no cost. We seek to use this festival as a platform to provide financial support to contributing artists and support innovative works through monetary donations and ticket sales. 

Each evening will host a prolific and established company or choreographer during the performance. (Established company invitations are not a part of this open call for submissions). Each night will be bound together by a different theme:

-Home/ Sanctuary
-Time/ Scope

We are looking for pieces that have been completed, performed, filmed and archived. (Note: we are not looking for work created and shot during quarantine). Each work must be no more than 10 minutes. These dance works can span genres and styles of dance. Works will be selected by a diverse panel representing the dance aforementioned dance communities. 
AKD will split one portion of Box Office ticketing revenue among all the artists participating on each respective evening, and another portion of ticket sales will be given to support ODC. The festival will advertise each company's individual digital platforms for increased support and visibility.

We plan to hold a Q and A following each performance and hope that all choreographers who are part of the event can participate during their evening. 

*Please submit the work you intend to show during the festival.




  1. To be eligible, company or artists must be based within the USA.

  2. Professional work only. No student or undergraduate work will be considered. (Graduate student work will be accepted as long as professional work has been done in the field prior to creation of submission)

  3. The full work you submit should not be available for the public to view until after the festival. This is to prevent any cross-marketing and to help us funnel viewers to the event. If your work is currently posted online for public viewing, please make it private until you have been notified of the status of your application.

Artists of different racial, gender, physical ability, or any marginalized background are highly encouraged to apply. 


  1. Completed Application Form (only 1 submission per company or artist)

  2. CV or Resume attached

  3. Link to (2 min max) preview of proposed work (Time markers are okay. If no time markers are specified then the panel will view the first 2 min of the clip provided) 

  4. 2 high resolution photos for marketing and proper credits if available 


Please e-mail for any questions or concerns.

Virtual Pathways Dance Festival is produced by 3 formidable female choreographers Marika Brussel, Carly Lave, and Alyssandra Wu. Brussel is a ballet choreographer who reshapes contemporary narratives, bringing ballet into the 21st Century. Lave is a contemporary choreographer whose work seeks to question the self through visceral immersive performance. Wu is a freelance choreographer whose work explores issues dealing with East Asian identity and mental illness. 

Background Photo: Al Ponce

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