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Q: I see that both ODC and AKD are contemporary dance organizations. As a non-contemporary artist is my work less likely to be selected in the festival? 

A: Absolutely not. We highly encourage dance artists of all backgrounds to apply and our panel draws from artists of all qualifications having knowledge in street, ballroom, ballet, ethnic dance, and more. 

Q: Who is on the panel?

A: We currently have 12 diverse panelists including the 3 co-producers Marika Brussel, Carly Lave, and Alyssandra Katherine Wu. The names and bios of the other 9 will be revealed after final programming has been announced for equity purposes.  

Q: Are dance for film or screen dances applicable for VPDF?

A: Yes, we highly encourage dances for film to apply.

Q: Is there any cost to apply for the festival?

A: No, to apply and/or participate in the festival is completely free for all artists.

Q: What if I do not think any of my past works fit into one of the 4 themes of the festival?

A: Get creative! The themes should not restrict any dance artists from applying and are more guidelines to create cohesion between evenings. We are more interested in how inventive people are in connecting their past works to one of the four themes rather than how strongly their work actually ties into one of them. 

Q: I am an established artist, may I request to be a featured guest in the festival? 

A: Unfortunately, we have already contacted our featured guest artists for the festival and these artists will be revealed shortly. With that said, please do consider applying anyway as this festival was created to help struggling non-profits and artists during these difficult times. 

Q: What format should I send my film in?

A: 1080p or higher resolution, 30 frames per second, h.264 encoded at 10mbps or higher. If submitting an excerpt of work, the video must have a clear start and ending. No in-progress works will be accepted.

Q: What if I am unable to attend the festival and, therefore, unable to be a part of any of the Q & A dates?

A: No problem. Being a part of a Q & A is not a requirement; however, we do ask that all participants submit a 1 min introductory video about their company/work, the piece presented, and what donating today will do for their sustainability. These videos will be presented before each work is live streamed to help increase giving. 

Q: In light of current times, how will AKD ensure that the festival is equitable throughout its selection process and production? 

A: This is a questions that we have been constantly asking ourselves throughout this whole project and, to be honest, we are still working through it. With that said, equity is of our highest priority and we will do our best to be as transparent as possible throughout this event. This festival really is an event made by the US dance community for the US dance community and we are always open to answering any questions or taking any suggestions anyone might have.


For any other inquiries please e-mail

Background Photo: Nina Wurtzel
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