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Choreography: Alyssandra Katherine Wu

Music: Wardruna

Dancers: Sarah Emmons, Kelsey Gerber, Tayler Kinner, Becky Robinson-Leviton, Catherine Liu, Elena Martins, Jessica Stucke, & Stacey Yuen

Photo: Al Ponce

Performed: ODC Studio B, ODC B. Way Theater, and Grace Cathedral



Glass Ceiling is a work that challenges six women to push past their originally perceived physical limit. It demonstrates the female body’s ability to persevere and uses a grounded & aggressive style of movement, which is typically associated with masculinity, to explore and exemplify how strength, ability, courage, assertiveness, and independence are gender-neutral traits. It is a testament to female ability. Throughout the piece, dancers alternate skipping rope while the others move toward and away from a lighted spot or “ceiling” above the front right stage. The work builds as dancers prevent and then assist others toward that ceiling to portray conflicting opinions on feminism, but the need for teamwork to achieve gender equality. Glass Ceiling explores relatable subject matter such as struggle, perseverance, and the need for understanding and framing these states of being within the context of a woman’s narrative.


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