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LEGACY (a works in progress), 2015

Choreography: Alyssandra Katherine Wu

Dancers: Alyssandra Katherine Wu, Amelia Skin, Nick Herman, & Robert Hesp

Music: Artie Shaw and voice over by Steve K.S. Fong

Photo: Camilla Greenwell Photography

Performed: FRESH-Northeast in Middlesborough, UK, at the Middlesbrough Empire

Press: North Crowd Culture Show Interview 

Overview: The people born between the 1900s and 1940s, known as the “Greatest Generation,” are arguably the generation that has seen the most change from the time of their birth to the days of their old age. They have experienced events from the Great Depression and World War II all the way to the information age. These life-changing events influenced who these people are, and thus also influenced their children and grandchildren. “Legacy” is a work that challenges four dancers to investigate their grandparents’ stories and understand how their grandparents’ life experiences affect who they are, the decisions they make, and how they define their identities. It is an investigation to comprehend how one’s legacy may be translated through the body and mind of their successor.  

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