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Choreography: Alyssandra Katherine Wu

Music: Jun Miyake

Dancers: Clare Schweitzer & Tuan Ly

Film: Clare Schweitzer & Alyssandra K. Wu

Performed:  Boston Contemporary Dance Festival and GUSH through Joe Goode Annex

Overview: “SNAFU” is a dance for film about two people trying to find different ways to pass the time and combat their boredom in their isolated worlds. It is only when they meet each other through a screen that a door is opened and they discover a whole new world of fun, movement, and possibilities. "SNAFU" was created during the 2020 shelter-in place order; due to the Covid-19 pandemic for Joe Goode Annex's virtual GUSH festival. The work was created to uplift spirits and bring a bit of light into people's lives during such tough times. 


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