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TRACES, 2015

Choreography: Alyssandra Katherine Wu

Music: This Will Destroy You and Gamat 3000

Photo: Visualinstincts

Performed: Emerge in London, UK, at The Space through C-12 and New Shoes 8 in Santa Monica, CA, at Highways Performance Space

Overview: Just as life experiences are intangible, so is movement. A dance can never be exactly replicated, and the same is true for important occurrences and memories. TRACES is a work that explores the idea that a permanent imprint does linger on the body from the people we have strong ties with. Do the people who have departed our lives live on in the continual re-creation of our own identities? Can people leave behind a trace of themselves in the people they knew and the spaces they occupied? Using paint in tandem with contact improvisation, this work creates a brilliant colorful landscape which ties together the past, present, and possible future.

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