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Choreography: Alyssandra Katherine Wu

Music: Original composition by Ben Juodvalkis

Other recorded music by Grischa Lichtenberger & Senking

Dancers: Kelsey Gerber, Tayler Kinner, Jan Matthew-Sevilla, James Washington, & Erin C. Yen

Dancers Concept Series: Rose Huey, Nina Wu, & Stacey Yuen

Film: Clare Schweitzer

Acting Direction: Rachel Kaplan

Photo: Amoa Photography

Lighting Design: Delayne Medoff

Performed:  Veteran's Building Green RoomODC B. Way Theater, & Salvatore Capezio Theater



Featuring an ensemble of five performers, a film projection design by Clare Schweitzer, and original music composition by Ben Juodvalkis, UNRAVELED explores the all too common experience of dependency, addiction and isolation. Originally created as a work that explored the state of anxiety and the symptoms the condition has on the mind and body, UNRAVELED has developed further to explore narratives of shame, entrapment, and recovery through the lens of the dependent mind.


In UNRAVELED, each of the five performers – Kelsey Gerber, Tayler Kinner, Jan-Matthew Sevilla, James

Washington and Erin Yen – blends movement with spoken word, drawing on a mix of personal stories of dependency and addiction, in addition to stories gathered through interviews with members of Open Recovery Center in San Francisco.

Alyssandra Katherine Dance Project is a proud in-community partner with Center for Open Recovery. To learn more about our in-community partner please click the link here:


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