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Choreography: Alyssandra Katherine Wu

Dancer: Gama Hsu & Erin C. Yen

Music: Loscil and voice over by Steve K.S. Fong

Photo: Hillary Goidell

Film: Clare Schweitzer

Lighting Design: Delayne Medoff

Performed:  ODC B. Way Theater, Joe Goode Annex, Nazareth College, & Tempe Center for the Arts.



“Exhibiting a biographical narrative of her grandfather’s journey from rural China to metropolitan America, the dancer attempts to re-discover, re-create, and preserve a fading history.”

Another Time is a solo in combination with film to explore choreographer, Alyssandra Wu’s, grandfather’s journey as an immigrant to the United States after having gone through the Chinese Civil War. It is a piece recognizing people born between the 1900s and 1940s, the “Greatest Generation”, is arguably the generation that experienced the most change from their birth to their old age. The ultimate message of the work is to recognize immigrants/refugees, such as Wu’s grandfather, are the foundation of the United States we know today. This solo was inspired by a conversation Wu had with her grandfather before his passing in 2014 and her own way of honoring his memory. The piece uses voice recordings, live movement, photographs, dance film, and text to give the audience an idea of who this man was and the profound impact he had on the life of his granddaughter.

This work is a further exploration of AKD's previous work LEGACY.


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