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Open Company Class Fridays- Starting March 3rd, 2017

Beginning March 3rd, 2017, AKDP will be hosting open company class at Moving Arts Studio in San Francisco every Friday. Class begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8pm.

In this hour and a half weekly integrated class session, students will be diving into the fundamentals of modern/contemporary dance technique. We will cover core concepts of body placement, strengthening, and adaptation pertaining to each individual. This is so students will be able to expand their movement vocabulary while picking up & memorizing movement sequences/choreography with more ease. Class will include improvisation, floor work, center work, traveling across the floor, and phrase work. There will be time to ask questions and explore movement ideas in depth. Class will be tailored to the specific needs and goals of the group as much as possible. This class is open to all levels, but will be pushing students to advance at an intermediate pace.

Company class will be taught by Artistic Director, Alyssandra Katherine Wu, with guest substitutes from company on select Fridays.

Address is 915 Cayuga Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94112

Closest BART Station is Balboa Park and is just three short blocks from the J Church Muni line. Many buses run on Mission Avenue which is just one block away. Down stairs studio, bathroom, and lounge area accessible for wheelchair users. Plenty of parking in the area for those planning to drive.

Classes are $15 with class card and $17 for drop in. You can purchase classes and packs/passes here: moving arts studio

For more info visit or call (415) 408-5500

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