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Photo of Artistic Director Alyssandra K. Wu

This past October, AKDP was invited to both teach and present work at Nazareth College's Dance Department through the Movement and Dance or MAD Festival. Artistic Director, Alyssandra Wu, and dancer, Erin Yen, traveled to Rochester for the weekend of dance where over 30 dance events occurred. The Associate Professor of Dance at Nazareth College, Heather Roffe, graciously invited Wu to participate in the Artist Talk Back "Careers in Dance" where she was able to advice and share wisdom to graduating seniors.

The weekend progressed into a wonderful workshop co-led by Wu & Yen and culminated with a spectacular performance done by Yen of "Another Time". The work was originally created on dancer, Ying-Ting Gama Hsu, and Film Director, Clare Schweitzer, developed a new film for the reiteration of the work. It was an incredible weekend of performance, dance, and education and AKDP hopes to be back again next year.

Photo of dancer Erin Yen

Film by Clare Schweitzer

To learn more about Nazareth College's MAD Festival visit:

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